4 Way Electrical can assist you with the installation of low energy commercial lighting, which in turn means lower energy bills for you. Energy reduction can offer quicker returns on investment than energy generation (e.g. solar), in most cases less than a 3 year ROI.

The phase out of inefficient lighting solutions is taking place as part of the EU’s Energy Related Product (ErP) Directive. Artificial light accounts for around 19% of global energy consumption so there is huge scope to reduce carbon emissions by enforcing a switch to more efficient lamps and lighting controls.

Over the next few years there will be significant changes to the lighting products that can legally be sold in the UK. Aside from the direct replacements for banned products that can be put into existing fittings, you can consider completely new possibilities by switching from traditional lighting technology to LED light sources.

Our highly trained lighting technicians can help your company by designing and installing a variety of cost-cutting lighting options such as:

  • Interior Commercial Lighting
  • Commercial Flood Lighting
  • Commercial Spot Lighting
  • Commercial Office Lighting
  • Commercial Lighting Design
  • LED Commercial Lighting Systems
  • Decorative Commercial Lighting Schemes
  • Commercial Exterior Lighting Systems
  • Commercial Track Lighting
  • Commercial Wall Washer Lighting
  • Emergency Lighting, Security Lighting, and Commercial Lighting for other purposes


Above is an example of improvements that can be made using correct lighting applications

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